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Senior ResidencesMusic at your door

Our mission is straightforward; allow residents to sing, dance, learn, laugh and interact through the wonderful world of music. Music awakens the senses. It stimulates memory and creativity. It brings back memories and emotions. Its effects are therapeutic. Our teachers come to your home or the senior residences, and they host activities, emphasizing interactivity. It is of utmost importance to us that residents are stimulated and participate in these activities. Obviously, participation is voluntary, but over time, trust and bonds develop between the teacher and the participants, and the results are quite impressive. Our workshops stimulate motor-skills and concentration. They calm anxiety and create a feeling of pride and well-being. 

Studio CA professional team

We are fortunate to have a team of passionate and determined teachers. They put their experience and knowledge at the service of their audience. They embody Studio C Musique’s values: respect, professionalism, openness and love of music. In addition to our musical activities, we offer guitar, piano and singing private lessons. Our singers can also travel to add life and dance to your dinners or at various events. All our services are offered on weekdays and weekends, at the time of your choice. Teachers always adapt the musical repertoire to their audience. We also provide all of the necessary equipment.

Fees Musical Activities in Residences

Duration No. of residents Once a week Twice a week
45 minutes 5 à 20 100$ 175$
60 minutes 5 à 20 125$ 200$
90 minutes 5 à 20 150$ 250$
120 minutes 5 à 20 200$ 300$

FeesPrivate lessons in Residences

Duration No. of residents Once a week Twice a week
30 minutes 1 45$ 80$
45 minutes 1 50$ 90$
60 minutes 1 55$ 100$

* Lessons for two or small groups offered on request


Duration No. of residents Once a week Twice a week
60 minutes Unlimited 150$ 250$
90 minutes Unlimited 200$ 350$
120 minutes Unlimited 250$ 400$

*Includes all necessary equipment (sound system, amplifier, etc.)


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